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How can I tell if my swimming pool needs a chlorine bath?

We speak in a little bit more detail on exactly what a chlorine bath in on our page onĀ swimming pool algae removal. A chlorine bath is typically used to remove stubborn algae from a swimming pool. The only time that you really need it is when you have an area of algae in your swimming pool that is not responding to more traditional algae removal chemical treatments or processes. A chlorine bath is the “big guns” of the swimming pool algae removal world.

A Chlorine bath for algae removal in Las Vegas requires a complete draining of the swimming pool and the direct application of special chlorine directly to the pool plaster and especially directly to areas when algae is growing and visible. A Las Vegas swimming pool chlorine bath also consists of a lot of “elbow grease” used to remove the algae once it has been killed y the chlorine.

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