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What does your weekly swimming pool service in Las Vegas consist of?

In our weekly full service swimming pool maintenance service we will come by your pool once a week to check its chemical level and to implement new chemical as needed. We will also vacuum as is needed to ensure that your pool is always looking fresh and clean. We will skim the surface, removing dirt particles on the surface as well as dead leaves and anything else that is there. After that we will clean out your skimmer and leaf traps. 

When it comes to your swimming pool equipment, we will check to ensure that your equipment is functioning properly by checking to make sure that pumps, filters and pipes are all doing what they should be. If we see that some of your equipment is mal functioning then we will bring it to your attention and recommend actions that we think will help the problem.

We also will scrub your pool tile and can take care of filter cleanings if requested.

Basically, our full service swimming pool maintenance program for Las Vegas homes is our way of making pool ownership as effortless to you as humanly possible.

We think you will love it.

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