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Do you do Pool Tile Cleaning in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas naturally has hard water. This means that the PPM (parts per million) of minerals and calcium in most ordinary Las Vegas hose water is abnormally high. Essentially, what this means is that the water that you put into your swimming pool has too much calcium or minirals in it. This causes excess minerals and calcium to buildup on your swimming pool tile, leaving a hard, white tile line. 

The building of this white line in only hastened by all the chemicals that are put into the average Las Vegas swimming pool. The residue of this chemical remains behind long after much of the water that it was servicing has evaporated. This means that as your pool continues to evaporate and refill and as you continue to add more and more chemical to it, that the mineral levels of the average Las Vegas swimming pool can truly be “through the roof”.

The best way to remove this white buildup is to hire a company that uses the bead blasting method of swimming pool tile cleaning in Las

Vegas. This is done using a type of specialized media, commonly referred to as “sand” (although it is not really sand, it is much finer and smaller) and pummeling the white calcium buildup with it until it is removed.

The process can take anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on the severity of the buildup and the size of your swimming pool. Prices typically start at around $3.50/liner foot of tile that need to be cleaned and can go as high as $5. This means that the average swimming pool costs between $300-$450 to clean the tile on.

Call us if you are looking for pool tile cleaning in Las Vegas. We can take care of both the easy jobs and the hard ones and we do if for a very fair price.

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