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Do you do a Las Vegas Swimming Pool Acid Wash?

A swimming pool acid wash is performed by completely draining a swimming pool using a pump and then applying a special acid mixture to the plaster, aggregate and pool tile. A Las Vegas acid wash is typically performed as a cosmetic service for you swimming pool. The acid that is applied will remove stains and smudges on the outer layer of your swimming pool plaster and pebble-tec. The acid also will remove a thin layer of calcium and mineral that overtime builds up on the surface of your pool. Once this layer of calcium and mineral is removed you will find that your pool chemical will be easier to maintain.

This acid wash in Las Vegas also removes a very thin layer of plaster from your swimming pool. When this thin layer of plaster is removed it makes way for a cleaner layer from underneath to be visible. This give your pool and much cleaner and newer look.

When you decide to get an acid wash for your Las Vegas swimming pool make sure that you use a professional and insured company. The process can be dangerous is done improperly, this is obvious considering it is done with a fairly strong measure of acid. An incorrectly applied swimming pool acid wash can also seriously harm your swimming pool and it’s plaster. This can be done if the proper chemicals are not added to the acid, if the acid is left on your pool plaster too long or if the solution of acid is too strong for your pool.

If your pool is acid washed incorrectly you will likely see flakes of plaster coming off and your swimming pool plaster will be rough, similar to sand paper. To avoid all of this headache call Las Vegas Pool Company for a professions swimming pool acid wash. We will gladly give you a free estimate.

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