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Can you do Las Vegas Swimming Pool Algae Removal?

Swimming pool algae is a problem that pool owners occasionally need to deal with. Las Vegas Pool Service will always try to remove new pool algae using additional types of commercial swimming pool chemicals specially made for algae removal. If the algae is not responding to these special algae removal chemicals then we recommend that you get your swimming pool drained and allow us to remove the algae manually with directly applied chlorine.

This process is referred to as a swimming pool chlorine bath. Las Vegas pools occasionally grow algae, especially if the swimming pool chemical was not at the proper level or if the swimming pool equipment is not working properly.

A chlorine bath is completed using a similar process to an acid wash. Your swimming pool and spa (if you have one) is completely drained to allow the pool professional better access to apply these potent chemicals (Never mix swimming pool acid directly with chlorine!). With a chlorine bath we then will apply a chlorine mixture to your entire pool. We will make sure that the areas of your pool showing algae will get an especially strong scrubbing in addition to the introduction of the liquid chlorine.

This process is finished off my spraying down your pool, pool tile, spa and steps with clean water and removing all the chlorine and water with our pumps. This leaves you with a clean, algae free swimming pool which you can then refill.

The entire process will typically take between 3-4 hours, depending on how bad your algae is.

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