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How often should I drain my swimming pool? Do you do swimming pool drain in Las Vegas?

As we talked about on our FAQ page regarding Pool Tile Cleaning in Las Vegas, swimming pool water in Las Vegas is naturally hard. TO best combat this we recommend a complete swimming drain and refill at least once every three years. If it has been a while since you have drained your swimming pool you probably have a lot more calcium and minerals in it than you should have. This can cause your pool water to leave “hard water” spots on glass and even pool toys when it dries.

A swimming pool drain will remove this hard water and replace it with fresh water from your hose (which still has some calcium and minerals but not as much as swimming pool water 3+ years old).

Our swimming pool drains typically run around $105. If you have a pool that is full of debris or algae or a pool that is exceptionally large then the cost can be higher.

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