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Top 10 Reasons to Use Us


  1. Getting multiple bids saves you money.

  2. Getting multiple bids all in one place saves you time.

  3. It's completly free.

  4. Our Pool Service providers are prescreened, preapproved, honest and reliable.

  5. We can set you up with Pool Services providers that already work in your zip code, again, saving you money.

  6. By getting in touch with four separate providers you can determine which one feels like the best choice, allowing you to use your "Homeowner gut-instinct".

  7. If you don't feel good about any of the companies we suggest you are completly free to chose not to use them. No commitment required!

  8. Since our recommended pool service companies are competing with one another other you can be assured that each one of them is confident in their ability to provide you with high quality service and repair at a fair price.
  9. By using the right pool company, and with proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your pool equipment, negating costly repairs and equipment replacement.

  10. Hundreds of local Vegas vally residents have used us over the years and so far we have yet to recieve a single complaint about the service we provide!